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hiii again // not that these are music related but uhhh...

i have a few other questions that some of you might know the answers to...

first off, i'm a vegetarian.. and i'm looking towards taking the next step into a vegan diet. what are the best whole food / organic / vegan markets and/or restaurants in the area?

i'm a big into thrift and i love vintage clothing.. since i have to sell ((practically)) everything i own.. i'm gonna need a few shops ((ahhh, if any)) to get my vintage things back... any ideas??


any non-insulting jobs in the area hiring? i have mostly retail experience.. worked for a coffee house and a craft store as well //

just thought i'd put those things out there..

also.. i have some hot clothes for sale.. and if anyone is interested, write back and maybe i have something you're looking for.

(( if this post is not acceptable // just delete - or - disregard it ))
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